Who: Wilson Realty was founded by Terry Wilson in 2009. Terry has been in the real estate industry for nearly 20 years. From real estate investing to working at some of the largest real estate firms in the Charlotte Metro market, he has a strong background in virtually all areas of the residential real estate market. On behalf of the NC Real Estate Commission, he teaches pre and post licensing courses along with Continuing Education to real estate agents and brokers-in-charge from hundreds of firms throughout North Carolina. Terry is passionate about the importance of the role a Realtor® plays in the home buying and selling process. Our industry is changing, but the importance of having an educated and well trained Realtor is more important than ever. All of the agents at Wilson Realty are expected to be well-versed in the latest industry news, trends and changes, and to read the book Terry authored titled “Hiking the NC Real Estate Trail”. The book provides techniques on communication, the importance of training, negotiation strategies, and strong emphasis on always placing the client’s needs first.

Wilson Realty grew out of his passion for teaching and guiding agents to create clients for life and his desire in helping agents build their business and their client base the right way - through proper education of real estate laws, and rules and contract verbiage along with understanding what it truly means to be an agent… in short, always putting the client’s needs above that of the agent. Our strong background in the residential market assures that we understand where most of the issues arise between buyers and sellers. This experience helps agents avoid the pitfalls that cause transactions to fail, frustrating clients, and creating adversarial transactions. It is the goal of Wilson Realty to provide our clients with exemplary service and smooth transactions. Wilson Realty recognizes that nothing is more important than taking care of our clients’ needs; our mission is not about chasing the money, having the biggest office, or the most agents... our mission is to create highly educated and trained agents that will protect their clients and put their clients’ needs first and foremost.

What: Wilson Realty is a smaller firm by design. Instead of being mired with the trappings of large corporate environments and systems that, very often, are slow to adjust to an ever-changing real estate market, Wilson Realty is able to adapt quickly to the technological changes of our industry; this assures we are up on the latest techniques, outlets, and software needed to assist with the purchase and sale of our clients’ homes along with keeping up with the changing housing trends and housing needs of our clients.

Real estate is not limited to just buying and selling; there are a great many players involved to get you from the listing - to the sale - to the closing or from the purchase - through the loan - to closing; this is why we regularly meet with industry leaders: including lenders, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, home stagers, and even health care representatives to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the changes happening in not only our industry but other industries that could affect the housing market. Many of these industry experts meet with our agents at least quarterly to provide the latest in industry news.

It is our firm’s belief that the systems should fit the agents and not the other way around. If it helps you, our client, get an edge or make a transaction even smoother, we will do it; if it doesn’t then we won’t. We want our agents focused on your needs, not on updating tables, graphs, and spreadsheets that are used to boast about the company but do nothing to help you, the client.

Why: Wilson Realty does not have a competing Broker-in-Charge (BIC) that also lists and sells properties. Therefore our agents can be sure they receive advice that is solely focused on protecting our clients’ interests without the BIC being swayed by their own personal agenda. The residential market moves quickly; a home on the market today may not be there tomorrow; an offer presented yesterday may be bested by one presented today. To protect our clients’ interests we must address our clients' concerns quickly; Wilson Realty purposely keeps the agent to BIC ratio low so that the BIC is available to answer and guide agents when and where needed. We believe our client’s needs should be our own needs. We are passionate about providing the best possible service and our service is spelled out in the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and the North Carolina Real Estate Commission’s definition of what it is to be an agent.

  • To be Loyal to our client by always putting their needs first.
  • Obey our clients’ lawful commands and provide proper advice and counsel to protect our clients' interests.
  • Hold ourselves Accountable to our clients by assuring we are properly trained in the laws, rules, contract changes, and we are staying on top of the industry changes and trends that affect our clients.
  • Disclose to our clients everything and anything that may affect their decision. Ultimately, it is our clients’ decision to buy or sell and it is our job to make sure they have accurate, timely, and complete information to make that decision.
  • Through continuing education and in-house training we will use our Skill, Care and Diligence as an agent to provide you with the best service possible.

These responsibilities are the very essence of being a real estate agent in North Carolina and we take these duties seriously. You can be assured that when you hire a Wilson Realty agent, they are well schooled in the contracts, laws, rules, the markets, and the industry changes that affect your home buying and selling transaction.

Where: Wilson Realty has agents from Statesville to Gastonia; Salisbury to Mooresville; Fort Mill to Rock Hill, and the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. If your housing needs are in the Charlotte Metro area (as listed in the Charlotte MLS), we’ve got you covered. Should you be looking to purchase a home outside of the Charlotte Metro market, we can assist you with our Agent Matching Checklist to be sure the agent in the market you plan to go to is suited to meet your needs.

When: Real estate doesn’t just happen from 9 – 5 Monday through Friday. Our BIC and our agents don’t keep office hours convenient to them, they work the hours and days necessary to ensure you have the best possible experience in your home buying and selling transactions. Today’s market and contract laws are complex, but our agents know that if they have a question or you have a concern, their BIC is a phone call or text message away regardless of the time or day. This is our promise to them and our commitment to you.

How: Wilson Realty uses the latest in technology to maximize your search for homes as a buyer and your homes exposure to the market place when you’re selling. From Internet Data Exchange to professional photography; from the MLS to over 1,000 syndicated websites; from social media to the inclusion of QR codes, your home will have maximum exposure when listed and if you’re buying we have access to virtually every home on the market to make sure we’re finding the home that is right for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Further, we utilize the latest and arguably most accurate technique in determining the value of homes through the use of Absorption Rate Pricing.

Our agents are well versed in understanding the proper way to present and negotiate contracts along with making sure your listing and under-contract checklists are complete so that your home buying and selling experience goes smoothly. If you are out of town or on the go, we've got you covered there too; our electronic signature software allows us to obtain your signature and get the house you're selling or the home you're buying under contract wherever you are in the world; all you need is internet access on your potable device or Smartphone. 

I personally want to thank you for employing Wilson Realty and our agents for your home buying and selling needs. We are passionate about providing you with a great experience in buying or selling a home. For many of our clients it is their largest investment and we must understand and never lose sight of how important and lasting your home buying and selling experience will be. We will ask you for a testimonial and future referrals so that we may help others, but we understand that your trust in us is earned, not guaranteed.

You can contact any of our agents at 1-888-341-5296 or 704-780-4981 or visit Wilson Realty at www.wilsonrealtync.com or contact Terry directly  at Terry@wilsonrealtync.com or direct cell 704-451-9945. “Outstanding people, outstanding agents” is our motto and we strive to live up to that every day.